What’s The Popping Noise That I Often Hear When Receiving A Manual Chiropractic Adjustment?

What's The Popping Noise That I Often Hear When Receiving A Manual Chiropractic Adjustment?

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It doesn’t happen with every single chiropractic adjustment but patients can often hear a popping sound that comes from their spinal joints when being manually adjusted by their Barrie chiropractor.  Don’t worry it’s not a bad thing to hear.  In fact, the clicking or popping sound you might hear is a completely normal (and helpful!) sound called a joint cavitation.   As long as the chiropractor at Snelgrove Chiropractic Family Wellness Center has explained to the patient that they may hear a sound when being adjusted, they won’t be alarmed or surprised by the sound they hear.  A joint cavitation results from pressure (actually it’s a type of gas) being released from the joint space when the spinal joint is being adjusted.  Sometimes the sound can be loud or sometimes barely heard – this all depends on the amount of gas that is being released from the joint space during the adjustment.  Keep in mind that mot all chiropractic adjusting techniques will result in a joint cavitation.  Typically manual-adjusting techniques can result with a sound heard during the adjustment.  More on this in a later blog when I explain the different types of chiropractic adjusting techniques.  Back to the sound question…

So how is this gas released, you wonder?  When a gentle force is applied to the spinal joint during the adjustment, the joint space slightly opens which allows the build up of gas pressure to be released.  This release of gas enables the spine to move into a better position while at the same time allows the surrounding muscles, ligaments, tendons and other soft tissues to relax.  The end result is a spinal joint that moves more freely and with better mechanical function. The other result is that local nerve endings are stimulated during the adjustment, which then allows better communication via the peripheral and spinal nerves.  The improved nerve function, resulting from a chiropractic adjustment, ends up causing a cascade of events in the nervous system that facilitates healing of the body – naturally.

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If you don’t hear the sound of a joint cavitation when being adjusted by your chiropractor in Barrie, don’t worry.  Sometimes you will hear it and other times you won’t!  The benefits of the adjustment are received by the body regardless if the sound is heard or not.  It is the movement of the joint and stimulation of local nerves that is the most crucial aspect of the chiropractic adjustment – not the popping noise.  Rest assured that a healthier you will be the result regardless if the cavitation is heard or not.

On a side note (this is the Out Takes section).  I’ll have patients come into the office and many times will say “doc that was a great ‘crack’” as they head out the door from their adjustment.  My response is ‘hey Jim this isn’t a crack house you know!’  They know and get it but love to tease me since I’m helping them to ’release gas’ when they come in for their adjustment.  Funny thing is that on occasion, there can be more than just their spinal gas being released when they’re adjusted.  J  Just a side note and funny for your day!

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