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Nutritional Cleansing and Fat Burning System

Our planet is becoming more and more toxic and no matter how hard we try to avoid impurities, you're surrounded by them-every day.   The good news is....you and your family can minimize the damaging effects on your health on a cellular level by following a Nutritional Cleansing Lifestyle.

Nutritional Cleansing helps support the body's natural ability to remove impurities, while replenishing its essential nutrients

Benefits of Nutritional Cleansing

ü  Helps guard against daily toxins

ü  Protects against environmental stress

ü  Daily support to liver, kidneys and colon

ü  Helps support immune system

ü  Supports mental focus and improved memory

ü  Helps improve digestion

Recent theory is that the body can only process and excrete toxins at a certain rate. We take toxins in, through the air we breathe, food we eat and water we drink. When we take in more toxins than we can eliminate the body stores them in fatty tissue.  This helps to protect the vital organs such as brain, heart, liver, and kidneys.  If your body is trying to hold on to fat (to keep you organs from becoming toxic) most diets will have temporary results.  The solution is to use a cleansing plan that provides an abundance of 242 necessary nutrients that support the vital organs.  Then your body can detoxify from the inside out to remove excess fat.  Cravings are also reduced and a desire for healthy foods returns.

Toxins are excreted from fat tissues.  With the Isagenix cleanse, most people see an increase in energy.  The increase in energy could start as soon as the first day, when toxins start leaving fat tissue and are excreted with water through the kidneys. 

Are you toxic?

                Take this quiz to find out

There are many options to choose from to optimize your health.  To schedule a consultation or for more information please contact :


Janey Snelgrove M.B.A, B.Sc.N



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I had really a good experience at Snelgrove Chiropractic and would highly recommend them. They take the time to find the cause of your problem and then explain it in a way that anyone can understand

Glen J.
Barrie, ON

Our whole family has been going to Snelgrove Chiropractic for almost three years. We have five children and saw Dr. Kevin through my last pregnancy. I had a great pregnancy with hardly any back or sciatica pain. My first four pregnancies were full of sciatica pain. The office is warm, friendly and great for kids. The staff are fantastic. Dr. Kevin listens and spends what time is necessary with each of his patients. I recommend Snelgrove Chiropractic to anyone.

Kim G.
Barrie, ON

First class establishment! Having attended other chiropractic clinics I find the level of service offered here to be exceptional. They are very knowledgeable on all aspects of chiropractic care.

With personalized exercise plans and treatment offered my back is much improved. Chiropractic care DOES work.....anyone who's has genuine back problems will attest to this.

Thanks for improving my overall health!

Alison B.
Barrie, ON

I've been seeing Dr. Kevin Snelgrove for almost 3 years now. He is an incredible chiropractor! He definitely knows his stuff and is very caring and compassionate. I am very grateful to be able to be receiving treatment from Dr. Kevin.


Dr. Kevin is an excellent chiropractor. He finds the cause of your problem and then takes the time to make sure you fully understand what the problem is, how it is affecting you and how to correct it. Your health is your most important asset in life and worth investing a little time and money to ensure you have a good quality and long life. Dr. Kevin makes sure you understand where true health comes from and how to achieve it.

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