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Spinal Correction Tractioning 

As part of your corrective care program, these exercises are essential to ensure full correction of your spine and therefore relieve the tension on your spinal cord and nerves.  These exercises are not going to replace your adjustments, however it is the combination of your adjustments and tractioning that will correct your spine.  The most widely prescribed traction exercise is the extension compression traction exercises (ECT), which we will show you how to do here.

Place your traction unit on the floor.  You will lay on your back and line up the highest peak of the unit to your neck and back depending on which stage you're on (see below).  Your head will hang over the edge creating a stretch in the neck.  You can start with your knees bent to lower the strain on the low back but as you advance you can try to lower your knees.  After you graduate from your Traction Training Class (which will occur after a few weeks of care) you will be qualified to start using the unit and will be given a schedule to keep track of your progress as you advance through the following stages.  The schedule will detail usage frequency and length of time for each session.

Picture_001.jpg Make sure that the side marked "Shoulders This Side" on the traction unit is facing your shoulders.  Place the highest peak about 2cm below the skull.  Your chin and mouth should be parallel to the floor as this position will not allow much of your head to hang over.  There should be close to the distance of your fist from the back of your head to the floor.  Be sure to take the time to ensure you are in the correct position as moving ahead too quickly may cause further soreness. Follow your schedule for frequency and length of time.

After completing stage 1, you can advance to stage 2.  Place the peakPicture_002.jpg of the unit in the middle of your neck allowing more of your head to hang over.  There should be about 2-3 fingers of space from your head to the floor.  Your chin and mouth should be angled between 40-45 degrees towards the ceiling.  Think of your traction unit as a spine orthotic, holding your neck in its correct "C" shaped position.

After completing stage 2, you will move to a more advanced position.  Picture_003.jpgPlace the peak of the unit slightly above your shoulders.  All of your head should be hanging over and if your head is not touching the ground, then it shouldn't be hovering more than 1cm above.  Forward head posture, is also largely the result of too much curvature through the mid-upper back.  Molding the spine in this area will help mold a healthy posture.

Picture_004.jpgFor the final stage, you will position the peak at the level of your shoulder blades.  Remember that discomfort is normal while you stretch the spine.  Traction for your spine is like braces for your teeth, if your braces are tightened your teeth will be sore until the new position sets.  The same goes for your spine as you move, mold and shape it into its correct, healthy position.

If you have any questions or concerns please let us know as this aspect of your care is extremely important.  We want optimal results for all of our patients so we want to do everything we can to make sure patients are doing this exercise and doing it properly. 

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I had really a good experience at Snelgrove Chiropractic and would highly recommend them. They take the time to find the cause of your problem and then explain it in a way that anyone can understand

Glen J.
Barrie, ON

Our whole family has been going to Snelgrove Chiropractic for almost three years. We have five children and saw Dr. Kevin through my last pregnancy. I had a great pregnancy with hardly any back or sciatica pain. My first four pregnancies were full of sciatica pain. The office is warm, friendly and great for kids. The staff are fantastic. Dr. Kevin listens and spends what time is necessary with each of his patients. I recommend Snelgrove Chiropractic to anyone.

Kim G.
Barrie, ON

First class establishment! Having attended other chiropractic clinics I find the level of service offered here to be exceptional. They are very knowledgeable on all aspects of chiropractic care.

With personalized exercise plans and treatment offered my back is much improved. Chiropractic care DOES work.....anyone who's has genuine back problems will attest to this.

Thanks for improving my overall health!

Alison B.
Barrie, ON

I've been seeing Dr. Kevin Snelgrove for almost 3 years now. He is an incredible chiropractor! He definitely knows his stuff and is very caring and compassionate. I am very grateful to be able to be receiving treatment from Dr. Kevin.


Dr. Kevin is an excellent chiropractor. He finds the cause of your problem and then takes the time to make sure you fully understand what the problem is, how it is affecting you and how to correct it. Your health is your most important asset in life and worth investing a little time and money to ensure you have a good quality and long life. Dr. Kevin makes sure you understand where true health comes from and how to achieve it.

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